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The Courage Group provides design, graphics, and integrated marketing to clients in both the United States and Japan. The principals possess a total of over 60 years of experience in architecture, urban design, marketing, social media, digital film and photography.

We approach each project as a new challenge with unique possibilities for success. In order to create innovative solutions, we avoid preconceived concepts or using simple "off the shelf" information.

Our clients deal directly with the relevant Courage Group principals who are responsible for each project. Active participation of our principals has proven to be a key to our success.

Our Principals

Ray Gordon

Ray Gordon

Ray Gordon is the partner responsible for all Courage Group design, film and photographic services. He is an award-winning designer with a wide breadth of experience in architecture, training, photography, film and computer graphics.

An architect and urban designer originally from New York City, Ray lived in Japan for 12 years, and has been an art director for several Japanese advertising agencies. Ray also founded a design and marketing company selling American and European products to the Japanese market.

A graduate of New York’s renowned Pratt Institute, Ray holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees. His photography as well as writing on design, architecture, infrastructure and energy systems have been widely published.

Ray taught graduate level courses for 17 years at Pratt, New York University and Columbia University, and has lectured to professional audiences on architecture, graphics and marketing in the USA and Japan. He also taught several design courses at Temple University Japan.

Ray is currently serving as Vice Chairman of the Commercial Marine Biology Institute and Abalone Farming International.

You can find links to Ray around the Internet on our Social Media Marketing page.


Linda Sherman

Linda Sherman

Linda Sherman directs the Courage Group’s Social Media and Innovation Marketing services. She is a marketing and management expert with over 30 years of executive and consulting experience.

Linda was the director of a Japanese market research company, founded Coors Japan, and has served as president of Club Med Japan, Sara Lee Japan, and Barilla Japan. She gained significant insight into trade marketing through our consulting contract with the Seiyu Wal-Mart joint venture.

A native of Los Angeles, Linda has been active in a number of business organizations in both the USA as well as Japan. Linda speaks and reads Japanese, and is the former Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce Japan's Marketing Programs Committee. Linda is founder and Chair of a group of top women executives in Japan, and is a member of the Economist Corporate Network.

Linda is serving as the marketing advisor to the Commercial Marine Biology Institute and Abalone Farming International. She currently teaches a series of Social Media Marketing classes for small business at the University of Hawaii's Kauai Community College OCET program.

You can find links to Linda around the Internet on our Social Media Marketing page.

We also have a more detailed description of Linda's speaking credentials.