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Corporate Identity
We've worked with many companies and web start-ups in developing their branding, color palette and corporate identity packages. Components have included logos, websites, print materials, brochures, presentation graphics, exhibit design and signage.

Advertising Design
We've produced advertising pieces for web as well as print campaigns. Often, we provide the original photography that is used in the advertising layouts.

Presentation Design
We help our clients improve the visual impact and effectiveness of their public presentations. We have created PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for use in exhibitions, corporate meetings, advertising pitches, public events and online applications. In addition to organizing the shows, we can provide custom graphic templates, original photography and embedded video.

Our typical workflow includes a comprehensive outline of our clients' content, and an evaluation of the visual images already on hand. In most cases, we create additional graphics, charts, and photos to complement the material the client provides. When appropriate, we create short video clips that are embedded into the show itself. We can work from existing film footage or create original content.


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