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Ray Shooting with tripod

Digital Cameras
We specialize in shooting digital film using broadcast quality cameras that function equally well in daylight as well as in low-light conditions. The cameras’ wide sensitivity range allows us to shoot in situations that would preclude the use of elaborate lighting set-ups, such as news events, presentations, lectures and certain documentary applications.

Although we often use tripods and our own vest/isolation arm stabilizers, we excel in hand-held shooting when large tripods would be inappropriate or the director of photography requires artistic camera angles or shots in tight spaces.

Location Shooting
We have experience in shooting on-location, often in conditions that require fast set-up and minimal disruption to the location itself. You can read a description of one of our Courage Group video shoots.

We have shot documentaries in active retail and industrial settings, in executive offices, on street-fronts and in private homes. We accomplish this with a portable kit that includes quick-set-up multiple lamps, wireless mikes, and other necessary components that can be easily transported to the site, set-up and broken down in a very short time period.

We’ve filmed on boats racing in the Atlantic Ocean, on a flying trapeze, and many other uniwue locations that required careful shot planning - and a steady hand!

We control the audio and video editing in-house, and have worked with producers who demand precision and flawless finished products. We also have edited existing source materials supplied a variety of analog and digital formats, and compiled a finished digital film with a consistent look.

Web Video
We have experience in creating episodic films specifically designed for presentation online. We filmed and edited the Last Single Girls webisode series, which was shot on location in the San Francisco Bay area.

Our knowledgeable interviewers conduct interviews at exhibitions, conferences and other public events. The questions asked - and the resulting content - can be tailored to the specific editorial needs of our client websites.

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