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Innovation is essential for survival in today's business environment. The Courage Group strives for innovation in every aspect of our business, especially when designing and implementing our marketing services.

We help our clients discover the innovation potential at the core of their business. We also understand your big picture.

Integrated Marketing Communications
You’ve heard the term “Integrated Marketing Communications.” What does it mean? It means that when you select a consultant or agency to work with you, the breadth of their knowledge base matters. We can help you develop a cost-effective Marketing Strategy and Plan. If you bring us in on just one aspect of your Marketing Program, we know how to ensure that it fits within - and enhances - your overall strategy.

We have experience with every aspect of marketing, including brand strategy development, market research, PR, advertising (including print and cable TV ad production), collateral material production (including unique trinkets and swag), and events. We understand all facets of online marketing including social media optimization, SEO, website creation and monetization, reputation management, social influence marketing, location based services, local search, online video production, user generated content (UGC) and mobile.

We have been on both sides of the retailer-supplier equation, have direct management experience in food and beverage, travel and technology and have consulted to a broad range of clients.

The ZIMA Success Story
The principals of The Courage Group were responsible for directing and implementing the launch of ZIMA, one of the biggest hits in the Japanese alcoholic beverage market over the past decade.

The ZIMA campaign was designed around the “illusion of discovery.”

In a time when more traditional strategies were dominant, our very effective guerilla marketing strategy was both unique and advanced.

Trend setters in key markets were targeted first, with a campaign that used only economical cable TV ads, word of mouth, and small special events. Ray Gordon was responsible for the production of all visual materials for the ZIMA campaign, including original photographs, composite “mysterious” photo images, a cable TV CM, calendars, posters, original point of sale items, and print ads.

Starting with targeted test marketing (with limited availability fueling demand) and slowly expanding into the mainstream, within three years ZIMA became the third-best selling imported alcoholic beverage in Japan.

Our unique trade strategy succeeded in bringing ZIMA into traditional Japanese restaurants, something that no other foreign beer company had accomplished.

The “A Little Wild…” campaign soon reached a wide demographic, appealing to both men and women, young and old, sophisticated city dwellers as well as people living in small towns across Japan.

Market Entry
The Courage Group is well qualified to assist you in researching the marketplace for your products and determining an effective entry strategy. We can help you to either identify and select a potential partner, or establish an independent presence.

We can assist you in determining the necessary packaging and product tuning to compete effectively.
We have consulted to a number of companies on market entry strategies to Japan and the USA, with a special emphasis on companies introducing beverages, food service and consumer products.

We have extensive experience in managing consumer and industrial research. The Courage Group can source competitively priced research, and provide value-added analysis and recommendations.

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