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Both Ray Gordon and Linda Sherman are accomplished public speakers.

In addition to lecturing to graduate students at Pratt Institute, New York University, Columbia University and Temple University Japan, Ray has presented to audiences at the Forum for Corporate Communications in Tokyo, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and a host of other venues. He was also a featured speaker at a national waterfront development conference held at the Port Authority of NY and NJ.

Ray was a featured stand-up comic at Tokyo’s Comedy Store, surviving what GQ Magazine termed “The Toughest Room in Show Business.”

Linda has a long list of speaking engagements as a sought-after expert on several topics including the empowerment of women, doing business in Japan, and social media marketing. Linda has spoken to audiences in Japan and the USA on a wide range of topics. We have included a more detailed description of Linda’s speaking experience.

Facilitation Training
The Courage Group’s principals have significant experience as professional trainers for corporate, small business, and government clients. We have worked as trainers for the American Management Association, the prestigious GE Training program, and as facilitators for strategic planning retreats. We also have developed specialized training programs for clients in advertising and other specialized fields.

We have extensive experience in preparing public presentations and training people to effectively present themselves. We focus on the visual presentation skills, body language, and methods of connecting with the audience. We teach presenters to tailor their content and presentation delivery to match the venues, audience type, and the level of technical detail required. Our unique methodology was used by the American Management Association’s Japan office for their English Presentation Skills program.

We use video cameras to record practice sessions, and give one-on-one feedback on verbal and physical delivery.

WordPress & Dreamweaver Websites
Today’s powerful online design software provides unlimited possibilities for creative expression. Yet it also leads to potential frustration as to how to best apply the dizzying variety of plug-ins, formats, and SEO elements. We train clients in two areas: how to use the basic Wordpress tools and plug-ins to easily update their sites on their own, and more technical training in building websites from the ground up with Dreamweaver.

Graphic Design
Our training in graphic design focuses on basic skills that can be used by professional designers, as well as those with no formal arts background who need to evaluate design content produced by others. The focus is on color choices, type design, page composition, readability, and clarity of design.

We train clients in the basics of photography, including composition, lighting, and use of color. The intent is to develop skills that lead to professional-quality images tailored to the needs of the client’s own business. We also train clients in the specialized requirements for advertising photography, including stock photography selection and photo shoot direction.


Photoshop training