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Web Strategy
One of the most important aspects of website development is also the most commonly overlooked. A well-defined web strategy is essential to make your web presence consistent with your business and personal objectives. We are able to use our extensive executive experience to provide you with professional guidance in identifying your readership, products and services, and determining how your website ties in with other aspects of your business.

Site Mapping
We map out all the components of the site before the design process begins. Much like designing a house (it is no accident that one of our partners has this expertise), it is much easier to grasp the end result if you can see - and not just hear - the outline structure of all the components.

Sketch designs are created that provide options for color palettes, type style, photographic imagery, and other visual elements of the site. We feel strongly that simple and clear site navigation is essential to a successful site that visitors will find easy to use. The goal is provide a “look and feel” that reflects the character you desire, whether it be business-like, casual or playful.

Photographs and Video
Because we have photographic and online video capabilities in-house, we are able to offer high-quality visual elements to properly convey your message. Because the photographs and video are designed for electronic use from the beginning, you get exactly the type of images you need. We optimize all our photos and videos to make sure the file sizes are small, thus speeding page loads while maintaining high quality.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization
Many web designers claim they know SEO, but few know more than very rudimentary basics. To ensure that your website will not just be functional but be readily found, The Courage Group works to keep abreast of the latest developments in this fast-moving technology.

Wordpress Websites
For those who want their websites to take advantage of social media marketing, is now the gold standard. The Wordpress platform provides a wide array of plug-ins that allow you to do everything from posting a real-time weather report for your local area on your site, to sending a podcast to iTunes without manual coding.

The Courage Group has researched the best Wordpress frameworks available on the market. Currently we are using Studio Press Genesis Framework for its outstanding capabilities.

From the various Genesis templates, we help you choose one that contains the layout and basic functions that suit you best. We then customize the site to meet the specific needs of your business, service or personal content.

The resulting Wordpress site will have the correct security settings, suitable plug-ins installed and basic SEO in place.

You will find your website will be flexible and easy for you to update yourself. It will be user-friendly to both you and your visitors.

Some of our Wordpress sites include: Capital Asset Management, Boomer Tech Talk, Turtle Cove Suites, Daniel Schuster Fine Arts, Our Best of Kauai, The Edge of Kauai, North Shore Cab, Ariana Stecker Weddings, Shira Siegal, and Three Arch Investors.

Dreamweaver Websites
Building a website with Dreamweaver software allows for greater creative freedom and a more graphic-rich design. We establish the necessary internal connections within your website, and research the most valuable external links. This “roadmap” creates a more streamlined and timely design process that minimizes the need for potentially costly revisions after development is underway.

As an example, we built this site on Dreamweaver.

All of our website creation packages include training so that you are comfortable with the basic functions of your website. Follow-up beyond that is available at our reasonable hourly rates.

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